A New Year

2018 is amongst us! There is no turning back and only forward into the next shit show. In many ways the new year is comforting, a chance to be reborn, try new things and see what you can learn. However for me, the new year is a calling for reflection on the old. So as I gear up for 2018, I leave you with the hard learned lessons from '17. 

First, Family. Nothing is more important than family, community, and friends. No one gives a rats ass what you have ran except for your mom. So honor those who stand by you day in and day out. Show more love and give more hugs.

 Second, find the time. Never be so busy that your excuse is always that "I am so busy, sorry". That's lame and an obvious lie. So say yes to new experiences and allow yourself to be available. Take the time to be a present. 

Lastly, send it! I love seeing new faces given it hell in whatever they got going. I gained so much inspiration in 2017 from the people who just said fuck it and hucked it. So Props to the senders from class 2 to class oooh. Keep it up! 

Hopefully, 2018 will be glorious and tad bit painful.