Lake kayak Rentals

love boat paddle co., 738 s 1st w, Missoula, 406-830-3040

With endless pristine waterways, Montana is the place for lake exploration. 3 hours from Glacier, Three-hours from Flathead lake, one hour from Seeley Lake, and a quick drive to the local spots in between, start your adventure with a Love Boat kayak or canoe. Give us a call to reserve your lake kayak, raft, dry suit, SUP board, or ask about trip ideas and information. We got you!


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All kayak rentals are based on a 24 hr period. Optional PICK-UP times are the morning of the rental date or between 5:30-6pm day before. Optional RETURN times are day of the rental date or the next day at opening. Multi day prices are based on 2 or more days.