Raft Rentals

Missoula is North America’s river-rafting Mecca. With spring flow on the Lochsa, endless sunshine on the Clark Fork, and pristine beauty and fishing opportunities on the Blackfoot and Bitterroot, you can find limitless adventure with Love Boat raft rentals. Give us a call to reserve a raft, drysuit, gear or ask about river trips, flows and local beta.

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Rental drop offs available! Follow the link

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Overnight Package Guide

Main Salmon Rentals

$650/ 6 days


Middle Fork Salmon Rentals

$550/ 5 days


Smith River

$450/ 4 days


North Fork Flathead

$350/ 3 days


All raft rentals are based on a 24 hr period. Optional PICK-UP times are the morning of rental date or between 5:30-6pm day before. Optional RETURN times are day of the rental date or the next day at opening. Multi-day pricing is based on 2+ days. Download the Missoula River Guide to discover day floats in the Missoula area.