Kayak Rentals

Weather it’s a spring high water rendezvous, a surf session at Brennan’s Wave or a after work lap down the Gorge, Love Boat has every kayak for every occasion. Our world is kayaking and we know the places to be in Montana. So Give us call to reserve your kayak or ask about flows, rivers sections, and trip ideas. 406-880-1389

Kayaks and Inflatables:

Whitewater kayak- $25

-Multi day- $20

Tandem whitewater kayak-$30

Tandem inflatable kayak- $40

- MULTI DAY- $35

Solo inflatable kayak- $30



Full kayak- $55

-kayak, paddle, pfd, helmet, spray skirt, splash top


Dry suit w/ booties (sm,md,lg,xl)-$35


Wet suits- $15

Splash tops- $8

Helmet- $8

PFD- $8

Spray skirt- $8

Booties- $5

Neoprene gloves- $5

Dry bags (5L, 10L, 15L)- $5

Stern stow floats- $10


Whitewater kayak- $10

Sea kayak/touring- $10


All kayak rentals are based on a 24 hr period. Optional PICK-UP times are the morning of the rental date or between 5:30-6pm day before. Optional RETURN times are day of the rental date or the next day at opening. Multi day pricing is based on 2 or more days. Download the Missoula River Guide to discover day floats in the Missoula area.