River Surf Rentals

The fast emerging world of River Surfing has deep roots in the Missoula area. If you are a long-time surfer or looking to hang ten on Brennan’s Wave in downtown Missoula, we got Catch Surf boards, XM leashes, Sticky Bumps & gear for you! Give us a call to reserve your river surf board rental or ask us about surf flows and the local spots. We got you!


Boards and Gear

2 hour surf rental w/wetsuit- $15

24 hr surf rental w/ wetsuit-$25

Full body wetsuit w/ booties- $8

Bootie- $3


All full day river surf rentals are based on a 24 hr period. Optional PICK-UP times are the morning of the rental date or between 5-6pm day before. Optional RETURN times are day of the rental date or the next day at opening. Multi day rates are based on 2 or more days.