River Surf Rentals

The fast emerging world of River Surfing has deep roots in the Missoula area. If you’re longtime surfer or just kook looking to get wet we’ve got you covered. Give us a call to reserve your river surf board or ask us about surf flows and the local spots. 406-880-1389

Boards and Equipment:

2 hr board rental (wet suit not included) - $20

All day board rental (wet suit included)- $35

-Multiday- $25/day

Full Body wet suit w/ booties- $5

Booties- $3

River leash- $3


All full day river surf rentals are based on a 24 hr period. Optional PICK-UP times are the morning of the rental date or between 5-6pm day before. Optional RETURN times are day of the rental date or the next day at opening. Multi day rates are based on 2 or more days.