-Swimsuit and Towel

-Shoes that can get wet

-warm layers (no cotton)

-Water bottle

-Sunglasses and sunscreen

-Snacks and lunch



-Do I need experience?

No, you don't need any experience.

-Will I flip over?

O yea! part of learning kayaking is being comfortable flipping and swimming.

-What time of year is best to learn?

All year. our full and half day lessons are great during the hot summer months (June-Sept). While our roll sessions are great year round thanks to indoor pool opportunities in the fall, winter and spring (oct.-May).

-Where will I paddle?

We utilize many of the beautiful lakes near missoula, including Seeley, Como, and Flathead

-How safe is kayaking?

just like any sport, kayaking can be taken as extreme or as mellow as possible. We can help you reach any goal you may have, From water falling to leisure fun floats.