Go all day...

Our full-day lesson provides beginner paddlers with a well-rounded introduction to whitewater kayaking without beating the body up. We focus on the basics: roll technique, whitewater paddling, and basic river hydrology. Lasting 4 hours, full-day lessons give you maximum knowledge with minimum pain. Gear and transportation are also provided to and from the river. This type of lesson is the BEST way to get into kayaking if you are new to the sport. Call for questions about the course; we got you!

Skill level: Beginner

hours: 4

Months: May-Sept.

Price: $100/person

(group of 3 or more $90/person)

Lesson Plan:

-Underwater comfort

-The zen exiting the boat (wet exit, roll technique)

-Boat control and paddling technique

-Moving down river with basic strokes

-Understanding the river’s dance & features

-Gear; what you need and what you don’t